Swanton Road Before and After

Swanton Road in 2018Swanton Road in 2020

Google Earth updated the images for our area post fire today. This is a before and after of where I lived on Swanton road for 3 years. Looking at these photos makes me sad and emotional. I cannot imagine the family who has owned the property for 40 years. We just rented from them, but I appreciated being able to live in this area so much. My children have great memories from hiking and exploring Swanton Road.

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Zarina Hashmi Printmater

I shot this photo in 1997 at the print studio at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Zarina was an amazing artist, as well as a teacher. Sometimes those two don’t translate. I always felt she liked me as a person, respected my art, but didn’t really like it 🙂 

I am so glad to have been able to take classes from her.

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