Vaya con Gringos is a story about a traveler’s dream to go top to bottom in the Americas, exploring the coast of two continents for waves to surf and rocks to climb. It’s a story about two friends and the highs and lows of a 20,000 mile road trip, but most important of all, it’s the stories of the people that they met along the way.

In 2003 after two years of preparation, Scott Cherry and Zack Hill set out the make their dream a reality and flew to the Aleutian Islands, making their way by plane, ferry and automobile for 8 months to the final destination of the Tierra del Fuego, in search of an America without borders and a good adventure.

Vaya con Gringos is a narrative of the journey made up of interviews, journal entries, and beautiful imagery from Alaska to Argentina. You will meet artists, activists, environmentalists, musicians, surfers, rock climbers, fisherman, travelers and dreamers that live along the longest continual stretch road in the world, and proudly call themselves Americans.

Duration: 60 minutes
Country: USA
Format: DV feature
Genre: Documentary
Release date: 2007
Filmed with: Mini DV, super 8mm and 35mm stills
Languages: English, Spanish (subtitled)